Thank you for dropping by, and for your interest in the history and work od Guitarvogue.

For us music has always been a passion and a central pursuit in our lives.

It all began in 2012

It all started in 2012. We had a small music shop in town centre, two year later we opened another where we serve local musicians and music enthusiasts. 

In all most 10 years we have passed a really long way, sold more than 2500 instrument and now it is time to go online. 


Added value

Getting our customers the best products for the best price is one of our key strengths, and service is no less important. We want you to get the most for your money while shopping with us, and therefore we offer 30 days money back guarantee. 

Always listen to the customers

One of the things we especially care of and that has proven the most valuable is to always listen to the customers, and learn from them. Even though the world has changed so much since then, our motto is and will remain: Our customers determine our decisions.